Everything You Need to Know About Historic Hendersonville, NC

Historic Hendersonville, NCTake a minute to consider your favorite places in the world to visit.

Why do you love these spots? For many, plentiful shopping, great food, recreational activities, and fun events play into choosing their ultimate destination. One of the most important reasons people visit these places, however, is history!

There are destinations all over the world that feature rich and interesting pasts, but in the Appalachian Mountains, historic Hendersonville, NC, is the town for you!

Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, historic Hendersonville, NC, is truly a sight to see. In this vibrant little town, there are age-old monuments, vast apple orchards, locally owned shops, and so much more.

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Our guide has helped so many travelers fit right in and become part of this town’s special story.

The Intriguing Past of Historic Hendersonville, NC

What is now listed as a town on the National Register of Historic Places was once a part of the Cherokee Nation of Native Americans. Shortly after the Revolutionary War, European settlers began showing interest in the land. By 1838, the settlers had signed several treaties with the Native Americans and the town of Hendersonville was established. Since then, the town has seen intense Civil War battles, the movements and monuments that came along with two World Wars, and several significant developments within the arts and natural sciences.

Historic Sites

A big part of visiting historic Hendersonville, NC is exploring the remnants of its long-standing traditions and colorful past. Here are some of our favorite historic sites in Hendersonville:

  • Mineral and Lapidary Museum: This unique museum has gigantic geodes, a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, striking minerals, and genealogical records.
  • The Henderson County Heritage Museum: This is the best place to learn about the people, places, and events that have shaped the history of Hendersonville. Fascinating exhibits and relics from the town’s past help bring its story to life.
  • The Historic Johnson Farm: This 1878 tobacco farm served as a summer retreat for tourists beginning in the 1920s.

Other Things to See and Do

In addition to centuries-old sites, there are so many more things to do in Hendersonville! Start by browsing the shops that dot the Hendersonville’s historic Main Street. Then, have a bite to eat at one of the town’s many local restaurants (some of our favorites include Postero and Flat Rock Wood Room). Finally, check out the extensive array of outdoor activities available in the region! Kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, and fishing are all incredible ways to explore the stunning scenery that surrounds the town. We recommend planning a trip through French Broad Outfitters or exploring the Holmes Educational State Forest! You might even stumble upon a seasonal event or two; there’s always something fun happening here!

Historic Hendersonville, NC

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Downtown Hendersonville and the village of Flat Rock have been destination retreats for well over 100 years. That tradition continues today! Built in 1919 to cater to the town’s tourism boom, The Henderson is the only remaining hotel in downtown Hendersonville. The Classical Revival-style structure, though renovated, contains many of its original details like louvered doors and a sturdy brick exterior! With 17 tastefully decorated guest rooms, modern amenities, and plenty of space for any type of event, The Henderson is a treat for locals and guests alike!

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