Now Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays from 6-9 pm

We’re pleased to announce that the bar at Harvey’s is now open to the public! Whether you’re a Hendersonville local or a visitor passing through, join us for classic cocktails, fine wine, and local brews. You’ll also find a selection of tempting appetizers and small plates.

The Cocktail Menu

Classic Cocktails $10

Harvey’s Martini | Vodka or Gin, Dry Vermouth, Olives

Manhattan | Bourbon or Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry

Gimlet | Vodka or Gin, Lime Juice

Gibson | Vodka or Gin, Dry Vermouth, Cocktail Onions

Beer $5

White Zombie White Ale
Shiva I.P.A.
Bold Rock Cider
Michelob Ultra

Wine $8

Sauvignon Blanc, Sileni Estates NZ
Chardonnay, Kenwood Yulupa CA
Pinot Noir, Silver Ridge CA
Cabernet Sauvignon, Guenoc CA

Sample Small Plate Menu

We offer small plates from $5, $8 and $10. While the menu changes with the season, here is a peek at what you might find:

Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Sriracha Ketchup

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders | Chipotle Coleslaw

Salmon Nikkei | Jalapeño -Cucumber Salsa

Sea Bass Ceviche | Sweet Potato, Corn

Foie Gras, Goat Cheese & Raspberry Empanadas